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The viewpoint of the district around Furano and Furano and Biei is full through the four seasons.


Flower calendar

Flower calendar

If you say Furano though it is a still lavender typical flower,
but the viewpoint of the flower fully besides lavender.
I introduce the time when a plant should bloom and the showplace of each flower.

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It can enjoy various outdoor in nature in Furano.
I introduce the guide facilities that typical outdoor and this pavilion guide.


Balloon experience and balloon flight Balloon experience and balloon flight

It commands a view to the other side of the rural scene in Furano for which it can see from 40m on the ground of a brave Tokachi mountain range. The balloon is fixed with the rope in four points. So, it is safe for who scared of height.

  • Period: End of April – Beginning of May/ Beginning of June – Middle of October
  • Time: From 6:00am (about an hour or hour and half) From between 5:00pm – 6:00pm (about an hour or hour and half)
  • Price: 2,100yen for an adult 1,575yen for a child


It is coming down of the swift current river by the most popular raft boat in the outdoor of summer. It can enjoy the flow of a river four seasons occasional.

  • Execution place: Sorachi river
  • Period: End of April – Beginning of November
  • Time: from 9:00am and From 1:30pm (about three or three and half hour)
  • Price: 6,300yen for an adult 4,200yen – 5,250yen for a child

Horse riding (horse trekking)Horse riding (horse trekking)

It can enjoy various courses like the trace horse and the horse riding lesson, etc. by the favorite. Enjoy the horse riding in a splendid location.

  • Period: Middle of April – End of October
  • Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • Price: One time of trace horse 1,000yen Lessen(30 minutes) 5,000yen
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Balloon free flightBalloon free flight

Free flight is limited program for winter season only. It is possible to fly freely in winter when the current of air is steady though the reservation flight is a main current in summer. Let's enjoy a large panorama that commands Mt. Taisetsu , Mt. Tokachi, and the Furano city by the sightseeing flight by the balloon separated from the ground.

  • Period: December 1st – Beginning of April
  • Time: From 6:00am or 7:00am (about 2 hours 20 – 30 minutes flight)
  • Price: 13,000yen for an adult(20 minutes) 9,000yen for a child(20 minutes)

Snowmobile experienceSnowmobile experience

It feels real good riding snowmobile with snow smoke throw hilly district in Furano. It is an assurance of the remainder in the impression of travel because of how to enjoy only Northern provinces.

  • Period: December 1st – Beginning of April
  • Time: Between 8:30am - 6:00pm
  • Price: It is different depending on the size of the course and the snowmobile.

Smelt fishingSmelt fishing

It enjoys the fishing of smelt on the lake covered with ice. Drill the ice and just wait until smelt to come. You can make TENPURA right after catch the smelt. It is so delicious that you can never forget.

  • Period: End of December – Middle of March
  • Time: Between 9:00am - 12:30pm and Between 1:00pm - 16:00pm
  • Price: 5,250yen
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Guide facilities

*Time and the charge are somewhat different and inquire of each organization, please respectively beforehand.
*A horse trekking alone is not executed in leisure guide ASOBIYA.
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Guide of photograph spot

Biei 「Akane no OKA」Guide of photograph spot A beautiful photograph spot is full loading to Furano and Biei.
It is difficult to find picture spot because there is not sign.
So, Owner Fujimoto introduce the taking a picture spot of consent in the blog.
We will guide you the places using owner's handmade map.

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