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GreetingMy name is Fujimoto, the owner of New Hakugin Inn in Furano.
The spectacle given to nature can be beautiful, and it enjoy outdoor in all seasons in here Furano.
There are a lot of sightseeing spots used for famous and the location site of the drama. Moreover, Furano and Biei are wonderful spectacle for the person who takes the photograph.
The taking a picture spot consented walking by an own foot are scheduled to be introduced in the future.
Meal made from fresh vegetable.
We serve you meal with Melon in summer time and "Pot dish" to get popular from customer very much.
We will wait for coming of everybody in the whole country aiming at the pension that can be gotten by relaxing homey.
Please enjoy nature in Furano by all means.

Guide in facilities

Guide in facilities

Equipment in pavilion

•Vending machine •Launderette (charge) •Skiing dryness room

Room equipment

Number of total rooms: 12 rooms
•Pay per view •Tea set •Yukata


•Convenience store (3 minutes by walk)
•Free parking area
•Furano ski area (10 minutes by walk)


•Body soap, soap, shampoo, and rinse
•Bath towel - 105 yen (including tax)
•Face towel - 105 yen (including tax)
•Toothbrush - 53 yen (including tax)
•Shave - 53 yen (including tax)
•Please offer to the reception desk
*because the drier is lending.

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Meals (One example of supper)

Meals (One example of supper)It is one example of supper.
We will prepare the expert year pot dish in supper.
Enjoy the pot dish of great popularity.
Numerical kind is prepared for the long stay so as not to become the same menu.

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Lavender bathroom

Lavender bathroomAbout 4 – 6 man and 4 – 6 female can take a our famous lavender bath all in one time.
Please relax in a purple bathtub using the extract of lavender.
It can enjoy the bathing done in a relaxed manner by the quieting down action of lavender to say nothing of good the smell, and it is possible to refresh it mentally and physically.
It is popular among the woman.

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New Hakugin Inn

•Address: 26-23 Kitanomine-cho Furano-city Hokkaido Japan 076-0034 (View GoogleMaps)
•Phone (from overseas): +81-167-22-2151
•Phone (domestic): 0167-22-2151
•FAX (from overseas): +81-167-22-2161
•FAX (domestic): 0167-22-2161
•E-mail: info@hakuginso.com
*JR Furano line: Furano station - Bus Kitanomine line: Kitanomine kisenteiryujyo station - (3 minutes by walk)
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